Hello 2023

I’ve been thinking about my New Years’ Resolution or a word for 2023 for a few days now. Today, someone from my small group said “praying for an open mind and a heart full of faith and gratitude.” I couldn’t help but think THAT’S IT! That is exactly what I want my new year to look like.

2022 was a doozy. It started with me quite comfortable and safe in my depression pit. I had a job I loved and was just trucking along until a medication reaction left me with the worst suicidal ideation I’d had. I crawled my way into mental health treatment. My time at Pathlight was incredibly hard and challenging, but I would not be in the place I am now without it. During that time, we realized most of my stomach pain issues were from complications from my Gastric Sleeve and knew another surgery was coming. In August, I had a conversion from Sleeve to Gastric Bypass. Thankful to be out of constant stomach pain again, the second half of the year was looking up. A few bumps in the road, jobs, and a major car accident later, I’m ending the year somewhere I never thought I’d be at the beginning of the year…. Back at home in a church, I’m in a small group that is quickly becoming like family, on a worship team and singing again. I’ve officially lost 100 lbs since my highest weight, will be ( hopefully) getting a new car next week and starting a new job soon.

I’m ending the year with much more faith and gratitude and can only imagine what 2023 will bring with that as my prayer.